This device may or may not upscale your Wii's output


Well here’s another wacky Japanese gadget that you’ll forget about before the end of the day. I say that not because it’s junk, but because it’s so niche you’ll be like “Oh, wow. Now what am I going to eat for lunch?” It’s the Castrade CG-USC02HD, and, nearest I can tell from Google’s translation robot, it upscales your video game consoles’ output.

Upscaled resolution tops out at 1920×1200, also known as WUXGA. (Yes, presumably you’d be using this with a really nice monitor.) It works with most, if not all game consoles, including the decidedly low-res Wii, as well as the PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Sorta reminds me of the Dreamcast VGA box that I always read about as a young teen.

So… who’s gonna barbecue this weekend?

via Akihabara News