CrunchDeals: Sceptre 32-inch 1080p LCD for $449


Need a cheapish, smallish 1080p TV? Newegg just put this one, the Sceptre X32BV, for sale at $449. The TV usually goes for $999, so you’re saving quite a bit of money.

Now, I obviously can’t vouch for the picture quality, but 88 percent of the review on Newegg gave it a 4-out-of-5 or higher. And knowing how picky the Newegg folks are, I’d say that looks pretty good.

All of this reminds me of the first HDTV I bought. It was 2006, just a few weeks before the World Cup in Germany. I laid out nearly $1,100 for a 26-inch 720p/1080i Samsung LCD. I weep to think what $1,000 buys today, especially if you guy with a brand like Vizio or Westinghouse. Oh, well.