‘iPhone 32GB’ briefly appears on Austrian T-Mobile site


Something called the “iPhone 32GB” was spotted on T-Mobile Austria’s Web site; it has since been removed. This is huge news because… well, it’s probably not huge news, no.

For a while now we’ve been expecting a new iPhone to debut next month at Apple’s WWDC; the iPod touch has been available in 32GB for some time now; connecting the dots of the past few weeks, yeah, we’re looking at a new iPhone next month, but one that probably won’t be available till July.

Huge news would be Apple turning around and saying, “You know, this phone business is fun and all, but we’re done. There won’t be any more new iPhones ever again. Thanks for all your support, though!”

As for the silly speculation of what the name will be for the new iPhone, may I suggest the following:

Friend 1: Hey, did you get the new iPhone?

Friend 2: Yeah, it’s pretty neat I guess. It takes video now.

Friend 1: Oh, cool. Cool. Wanna get Wendys?

Friend 2: Absolutely.

See how Friend 1 called it “the new iPhone”? My guess is that’s what the vast majority of people will call it. No need to rack our brains trying to figure out what sequence of letters will appear on the packaging.