Yet another Mac clone maker: RussianMac edition


Maybe RussianMac is thinking that Apple‘s legal team will not notice as they’re too busy with the suing Psystar. Oh, perhaps, the Mac clone maker thinks that they are legally immune being located in the wild west that is Mother Russia. Whatever the case, a full range of Mac clones, including a pro and notebook models, are now available from another maker. Interestingly enough, RussianMac may have beat Psystar to a Mac Netbook.


The MiniBook looks a lot like an EEE PC 901 and comes with the same specs of an Atom CPU, 10-inch screen and the rest. Except it runs OS X right from RussianMac. That my friends, is an OS X netbook. It’s too bad that the company ships only within Russia.

RussianMac (translated) via OSnews