I'll be damned, Comcast and NFL Network finally worked things out


Is this a trick? IT FEELS LIKE A TRICK! I’m either dead or dreaming because not only did Comcast and NFL Network just reach an agreement to make NFL Network part of Comcast’s Digital Classic package, but Comcast subscribers will also get access to the Red Zone Channel that’s usually shown only on DirecTV as part of the insanely expensive Sunday Ticket package.

The Red Zone Channel, for those of you who have never witnessed it in all its glory, is a single channel that flips between live NFL games any time a particular team gets inside the 20 yard line (or “the red zone,” as it were). So if you play fantasy football or Pick’em like I do, you want to watch every minute of every game. The Red Zone Channel is the next best thing.

This still seems way too good to be true. If the season rolls around and I’m watching NFL Network as part of my regular cable package and have access to the Red Zone Channel at no extra charge, I’ll be absolutely elated.

Oh, and the actual news. Comcast and NFL Network agreed to a fee of somewhere between 40 and 50 cents per month, per subscriber, according to the New York Times. NFL Network previously wanted 70 cents, which Comcast said was way too expensive.

Ultimately, it seems, NFL Network wants eyeballs and four years of not-a-lot-of-eyeballs apparently convinced it to ease up on pricing. It’ll be truly interesting to see if DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket drops in price now, too.

[via Consumerist]