Facebook Verified Apps Rolling Out Tomorrow (Update: Are Now Live)

We knew it was coming, but we weren’t sure when. We’ve gotten word that Facebook’s Verified Apps initiative, long awaited by developers since the program was first announced last year, is finally ready for the masses. Developers are getting notified that their approved applications will soon be highlighted with green check marks next to their names starting today.
Update::The new application directory is now live.

Here are some of the other details we’ve gathered:

  • In thanks for their participation in the platform (and likely because of the long wait), developers are receiving extra Facebook advertising coupons.
  • While an application’s Verified status lasts for a year, Facebook will be continuously monitoring Verified Apps for any deviation from the program’s requirements and Platform’s Terms of Service
  • Facebook will be heavily marketing the Verified Apps program. The company will be rolling out a video to Facebook members describing the benefits of the program and approved applications, and applications will be prominently featured in the Facebook application directory.

The purpose of the Verified Apps program is to help Facebook highlight the cream of the crop of Facebook Platform, which has previously had issues separating the good applications from the bad. Developers pay a $375 annual fee to participate, and in return they’re given a badge meant to inspire user trust, as well as priority placement in the application directory.


Verified Applications on Facebook — Recommendations from Sandra Liu Huang on Vimeo.

Now that the directory is live, it will be up to Facebook to convince users why these approved applications are better than others. That may not be as easy as it sounds (especially if some of their favorite apps aren’t granted approval), so expect a heavy dose of “educational” advertising and promotion as Facebook brings everyone up to speed. Verified Apps will play a key role going forward for Facebook Platform, especially once Facebook’s payment system goes live and users have to decide where they should be comfortable spending their money.

Thanks to “Kilgore Trout” for the tip.