Dell goes to school with Latitude 2100 netbooks


Dell’s previously-rumored educational netbooks are here. The Latitude 2100 series has the guts of your typical netbook — 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 1GB RAM, 10.1-inch screen, etc. — but adds a tough and rugged rubberized exterior, slightly larger keyboard and trackpad, and a carrying handle.

Dell’s website currently lists the screen resolution as 1280×576, which seems erroneous. It’s termed as “WSVGA” which is 1024 pixels wide by either 600 or 576 pixels tall, so we’ll go with 1024×576. Pricing starts at $369 with Ubuntu Linux preloaded and $399 with Windows XP.

Weight starts at just under three pounds with a three-cell battery. A six-cell battery is available as a $25 upgrade as well. There’s also a touchscreen option available for an extra $30 and an anti-microbial keyboard can be added for $20. The hard drive comes as a 16GB solid state drive, which can be upgraded to an 80, 160, or 250GB standard hard drive.

For school IT administrators, Dell will also be selling a mobile cart that’ll house and recharge up to 24 of these Latitude 2100 computers at a time. The cart doubles as a wireless router and all of the machines plugged into the system are configured with Wake-on-LAN capabilities to allow multiple systems to be upgraded at once over a single shared Ethernet connection.

Laptop Magazine took an early look at the 2100 and found it to be a bit hefty due to its rugged frame, although the machine scored higher on certain benchmarking tests and the bigger keyboard and individual trackpad buttons were definite pluses.

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