Archos to announce Android device next month?


So Archos will apparently be announcing something on June 11th in Paris and the general consensus is that it’ll probably be the Internet Media Tablet with voice support running Android that was announced back in early February.

The company already has a device with a built-in high-speed wireless data connection in the Archos 5g, released late last year, but this new one will have the added bonus of being able to actually make and receive voice calls along with the expandability that Android offers.

Early reports suggest that the device will be about 3/8 of an inch (10mm) thick and feature a high-resolution 5-inch touchscreen. That’s pretty close to the Archos 5 series, which is a little thicker at 12.9mm, so it wouldn’t be too mind-blowing to see a device announced that’s similar in look and feel to an Archos 5 unit. It certainly wouldn’t be too difficult for Archos to develop, as its MIDs already run Linux.

Whatever the case, we’ll know more on June 11th. Signs seem to point to a type of Android super phone that’ll be pretty well-equipped to handle audio and video files, as is Archos’ strong suit. Whether it’ll be enjoyable to use as an actual phone will be another story. Keep all of this filed under “rumor” for now, though, just to avoid embarrassing yourself at your next dinner party.

[via SlashGear]