We're looking for tipsters and interns


MobileCrunch, often called The Best Mobile Blog On The Internet TechCrunch Network, is growing at an incredible rate. All of the numbers across the board are rocketing from month to month. That said, we’re not the type of people that like to sit around and hope what we’re doing just keeps working. We’re looking to kick things up a bit. Want to be a part of it?

We’re on the hunt for some new folks for the MobileCrunch family, and we’re open to all applications. We’re looking for two things, specifically: tipsters (anonymous harbingers of hush-hush information for whom we’d go to boundless lengths to protect the identity of), and a trio of interns. Think you’d fit any of these slots? Read on for more.

Image by JawboneRadio

The positions:

  • Tipsters: Have some pics of a brand new handset? Find something top secret hiding in your store’s inventory system? Just know something the world should know? We want to hear it. You can reach us at tips@mobilecrunch.com.

    We treat our sources like the action heroes they are. We can’t pay you for tips (that’s 12 kinds of shady), but we’ll make it worth your while. You’ll get whatever level of recognition you desire (from purely anonymous to a top-secret pseudonym), and we’ll throw any perks we ethically/legally can your way. Plus, you’ll have a special little spot reserved for you at our metaphorical table, and that’s a good thing to have.

    There used to be a day where having your goods show up on blogs prior to announcement was bad news – now it’s almost a badge of honor. If nothing else, it means people care enough to cover it. That said, be it that anyone does come asking for information on our source, we’ll show’em the door out – but that’s it. We will never reveal our sources. Ever. We’ll also try to cover any tracks you might have missed; we often blur out reflections and obfuscate serial numbers for the sake of our tipsters. Again: tips@mobilecrunch.com.

  • Interns: We’re looking to fill 3 intern positions. We’ll say it right off the bat: these spots are unpaid. It’s a blog standard: you get paid once you’ve proved you’re up to snuff, budgets allowing. As far as internships go, however, this is the best internship on the damn planet. You get to work from home, review the newest mobile gear, and work on your hours. Plus, you get to sit and blab in a chatroom with me and the CrunchGear guys all day. The spots we’re looking to fill:
    1. Intern #1 – iPhone App Reviewer: The amount of stuff hitting the App Store every day is insane. We’ve got countless promo codes sitting in our inbox right now, and we just don’t have the time to review even a small chunk of the stuff that comes our way. All you need is an iPhone, the desire to check out all the latest apps, and the ability to put a damned good sentence together. You’ll also be writing one or two news stories per day, and occasionally reviewing new handsets. If that all sounds good to you, look for application details below
    2. Intern #2 – Android App Reviewer: The Android Marketplace may not have nearly as many apps as the iPhone App Store, but there are still lots of quality wares going live each day. You’d need to bring your own Android handset, and you’d be responsible for checking out and reviewing a few Android apps each week. You’d also be writing at least one or two news stories per day, and occasionally reviewing new handsets. Interested? Look for application details below.
    3. Intern #3 – General News Writer: Do leaked details of upcoming handsets make you all tingly inside? Do you like putting words together in a way that makes people happy? Lets talk. You’d be responsible for 3-4 news stories a day on any and all mobile topics, and would occasionally be reviewing new handsets.

Applying for an Internship:

Before applying, there are a few things to keep in mind: You’ll need to be able to dedicate no less than 2 hours per day to the site. Hours are flexible, though mornings are highly preferred. We don’t care too much where you live, but being on the West or East Coast would be a plus.

Send me an e-mail at interns@mobilecrunch.com with the standard details: your name, where you live, past experience (related experience is nice, but no means required), what handset you carry, and a sample of your writing. Even if you’re brand new to blogging, just blast out a post in a style you think fits MobileCrunch/CrunchGear. If you’re what we’re looking for, you’ll hear back within a few days.