In-wall coffeemaker from Siemens: functional but seems drastic

As a Seattle resident, I can confirm that people here do love coffee. But I see remarkably few people with modern espresso machines in their homes. A drip machine here, a Melitta there, and very occasionally (mainly in my apartment) a stovetop espresso maker. Still, I don’t think anyone would object to having this attractive coffee station embedded in their wall. Perhaps in the bedroom?

The Kaffeevollautomat TK76K572 (!) does all kinds of scenes, from plain espresso to macchiato to plain drip. It has its own water and milk supply, grinds its own beans, and even cleans itself to a degree. And since it’s actually part of the wall (why not part of a fridge?), it won’t take up valuable counter space. Sounds like a winning proposition to me — better than scrubbing out my stovetop every day, anyway. Of course, mine cost $30 (and is delicious) and this one costs €1500.

[via BBG and Appliancist]