Oprah Goes From Zero To A Million Twitter Followers In Just 28 Days

28-days-laterHow many Twitter followers do you have? Chances are it’s nowhere near 1 million — only seven users have that many. Oprah just joined the club as the 8th member. But what’s crazy is that she gained her millionth follower just 28 days after signing up for the service.

And what’s even more nauseating is that she follows just 11 people — 4 of which are also at or near the million follower mark. And she has tweeted just 42 times. Is she saying truly awesome things in those 42 tweets? No, it’s mostly self-promotional (like any good Twitter user), but she’s Oprah.

Oprah’s joined Twitter to much pomp and circumstance and has undoubtedly helped fuel the incredible growth of the micro-messaging service (which had already been growing incredibly fast). In fact, she made may have contributed to something around a million new members join the service, and at the very least it seems like she helped sign up a few hundred thousand.

As for the others on the million Twitter follower list, all are celebrities (including Obama) except for CNN and the actual Twitter account. The guy who was first to a million followers, Ashton Kutcher, is well on his way to nearly 2 million followers, with over 1.7 million. The celebrities are dominating Twitter.


[via Benjamin Golub]