ThingamaBlank DIY: for all your beeping, zapping, bixxerfouping, anthropomorphic synthesizer needs

The thingamagoop, aside from having quite possibly the absolute best product name in the entire free world, is quite possibly one of the best products you’ll have absolutely no use for. Not your typical analog synthesizer, the thingamagoop has a photocell, which makes the sounds produced react to the strength and quality of the light hitting it. Hook this up with a strobe light, and I suspect you’ll have an instant rave.

When there is a lot of light hitting it, the resistance across the photocell goes up and the oscillator yields a higher pitch. Less light lowers the resistance and pitch. When the switch on the right is up, the oscillator is in a high range and when it’s down it’s in a lower range.
One neat thing about the photocell is that it reacts to different kinds of light. Florescent lamps and TV screens give the Thingamagoops a harsher tone while natural and incandescent light produce a cleaner one.

Why did you make this thing!?
Because there are not nearly enough beeping, zapping, bixxerfouping, anthropomorphic synthesizer monsters in the world.

Or, for $150, you can get a DLi$h tricked out Thingamagoop, “hand painted with a rustic metallic finish in acrylic and sealed in a protective clear coat.”