Stride offers Steve Wiebe 40,004 quarters and gum to reclaim Donkey Kong world record at E3


Steve Wiebe’s attempt to overthrow Billy Mitchell as the Donkey Kong world record holder has been well documented over the years and at last year’s E3 he came extremely close, but fell short by 50,000 points. Billy Mitchell currently holds the record at 1,050,200 points, which he set in 2007.

Wiebe will once again attempt to break the record at E3 next month in LA. And this year Stride is sweetening the pot by offering Wiebe $10,001 and a year’s supply of Uber Bubble if he can break the record at E3 during a single game of DK. How he’ll haul 40,004 quarters that weighs in at around 500 pounds is anyone’s guess. Good luck, Steve. Devin and I will be rooting for you at E3.

Stride Gum