Mac OSX 10.5.7 Combo Update Available

leopardThe latest update for OSX is now available. The update includes general security fixes and performance upgrades for iCal and Mail. After the update your mac will be more secure, video playback will be less bumpy. Unit Converter, Stocks, Weather, Movies widgets will be smarter. You should get it right away.

What’s included?


* Includes latest security fixes.
* Includes additional RAW image support for several third-party cameras.
* Improves performance of video playback and cursor movements for recent Macs with NVIDIA graphics.
* Resolves an issue with Dvorak keyboard layout in Mac OS X 10.5.6.
* Improves the reliability and accuracy of Unit Converter, Stocks, Weather and Movies Dashboard widgets.
* Addresses a situation that may cause issues when logging into Gmail.
* Improves reliability when syncing contacts with Yahoo!.
* Expansion Slot Utility for Mac Pro now reports the correct PCIe slot configuration.
* Improves network performance when connected to certain Ethernet switches that have Flow Control enabled.
* Improves stability for network home directories hosted by Mac OS X Server v10.4.
* Improves Finder search results for network volumes that may not support Spotlight searching, such as Mac OS X Server v10.4, Time Capsule, and third-party AFP servers.
* Includes several improvements to Directory Service and Client Management.


* Improves overall reliability with CalDav.
* Improves reliability when automatically syncing with MobileMe.


* Addresses reliability and sync issues with Notes.
* Addresses an issue that may cause the BCC field to populate incorrectly when redirecting a message from the Sent mailbox.

Parental Controls

* Improves consistency with Parental Controls and application restrictions.
* Addresses an issue in which time limits may not work properly with full-screen games and Fast User Switching.


* Resolves an issue that may cause certain third-party printers to print to the incorrect paper tray.
* Non-admin user accounts can now be allowed to add and remove printers by enabling Parental Controls and selecting “Can administer printers”.
* Includes other printing reliability and stability improvements.