Can't wait for iHulu? NBC mobile has got you (partially) covered

nbc-mobile-episodesI don’t know about you, but the novelty of watching random YouTube crap videos on my iDevice wore off pretty quickly. And with iHulu (a.k.a. an official Hulu app) nowhere to be found, there aren’t too many other quality alternatives for viewing free content on your iPhone or iPod touch…until now.

CNET points out that NBC’s mobile site – – provides access to full episodes of many of the network’s most popular shows, including Heroes and The Office.

The catch – the episodes are broken up into 7+ minute segments, each with a commercial intro. However, on the bright side, once the show begins to buffer you can manually fast forward past the commercial to the good stuff.

The shows load very quickly over WiFi (and relatively so via 3G) and the image/sound quality seems comparable (er, close enough) to a locally stored copy. Sure beats paying.


As for the other major networks, both ABC ( and CBS ( offer mobile video for the iDevices, but the content is limited to recaps and short clips. As for FOX, it doesn’t seem to have any mobile video on its site.