2009: The year of the 3D film?


So is 2009 the year of the 3D movie? James Cameron’s Avatar comes out in December, and everything I’ve heard is all, “Oh my God, we’ll need to knock down the Jefferson Memorial and replace it with a Cameron Memorial this movie is so great.” And the Cannes Film Festival opens today with Disney’s Up, which is another 3D film that’s supposed to knock our socks off.

As we’ve said in the past, Hollywood is desperate for 3D movies to take off. How can you expect to keep dragging people to the thee-aay-ter when they all have 50+ inch HDTVs and Blu-ray players? Why, you need to trick out the thee-aay-ter, of course: add some gimmicks, throw in a bell and/or whistle and bam! People come back.

So Hollywood hopes.

One thing that will never sit will with me: that I have to put on stupid 3D glasses just to experience this wonder. I already wear glasses, and asking me to put on an extra pair of glasses is just not gonna fly. I might as well put on an extra pail of underpants over my shorts, à la Quailman.