Scheme in the UK to kick file-sharers off the Internet


Oh, again. There’s another push to disconnect illegal file-sharers from the Internet. This time it’s happening in the UK, where people from the likes of the UK Film Council say file-sharing is costing people jobs and threatening the film industry. Because making movies is soooo damn important, right? How would we live and flourish as a civilization without 17 Again?

Simply put, it’s the same song and dance. An alliance of UK creative types (well, the suits at the agencies that are said to represent the actual creative types) is complaining to the Government, demanding action. One such way to obtain justice: kick people off the Internet, something the EU has already said no to. Don’t mess with Brussels.

I don’t know, go ahead and kick me off the Internet for all I care. I don’t use it for anything important anyway. Believe it or not, my respiratory system will continue to function without access to YouTube or Usenet.

Thank you, Penny-Arcade, for reminding us all of what we’d be missing if disconnected from the Internet.