Review: Innergie mCube90 Universal Adapter

Short Version: A thoughtful universal power adapter that can charge your laptop and a USB-powered device simultaneously, the Innergie mCube90 features a tiny secondary DC adapter that detaches from the main adapter for use in cars and airplanes.

Long Version:

Road warriors, take note. This $119 universal adapter may be the only power source you need to take with you on your next trip. Priced similarly to various other universal adapters out there, the mCube90 offers a few nice extras you may not find elsewhere without adding any extra bulk to your bag.

The adapter allows you to simultaneously charge your laptop and USB-powered cell phone (or MP3 player, voice recorder, etc.) while in your hotel room and then should you need to hit the road, the bottom fourth of the adapter detaches from the top section and serves as what Innergie calls “the world’s smallest Auto/Air power adapter in the world.”

It’s a nice feature considering having a big brick sitting in your cup holder with wires coming out of it is inconvenient and ugly at best, dangerous at worst. You’ll still have wires, sure, but the actual power adapter is of near-inconsequential size.

The larger AC adapter pushes out between 65 and 90 watts and is compatible with nearly all standard laptops from the likes of HP, Sony, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and many others. There are seven included power tips and an easy-to-read guide, along with an AC power cord, DC power cord, and airplane-compatible DC power cord.

The tips, manual, and cords are all housed in a zip-up nylon bag for easy transport.

Unfortunately, no MacBook-compatible tips are included. I’m guessing that’s because the mag-safe tips found on Mac notebooks are likely more expensive to produce. That’s a shame, too, as the mCube90 comes in a nice “MacBook white” shell.

The size of the adapter itself is about as long as a standard notebook adapter but about half as thick and maybe 15 to 20 percent wider. All the cords are thoughtfully wrapped with velcro ties, making cable management easy.


The Innergie mCube90 would do well in all but the most tight-walleted frequent traveller’s bag. At $119, it may seem a bit expensive at first but competing universal adapters generally run $80 and up and you’re basically getting three adapters in one.

The detachable mini-DC adapter, especially, is a really nice feature to have if you spend a lot of time in the car. Of note, the DC adapter is available as a standalone product for $60 if you don’t need the full AC adapter.

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