MySpace Wants To Avoid This Whole Holocaust Denial Thing

Lots of heat is being put on Facebook over Holocaust denial, ranging from blogs to CNN to pissed off moms who still can’t post pictures of their breasts on their Facebook pages. Facebook is standing firm in their defense of the deniers.

Meanwhile, MySpace is just hoping no one looks their way. In an email to MySpace forum moderators today, MySpace asked moderators to “keep an eye out for anti-semitism and derogatory comments.” Based on the text of the email, some of which has been redacted, it looks like moderators are expected to remove this content promptly and even perhaps ban offending users.

MySpace’s motivation to deal with the problem may be fairly sad (just to avoid bad press), but at least they’re doing the right thing by getting this hate speech off the site. MySpace’s terms of use are similar to Facebook’s – specifically hate speech is banned.

Here’s the email:

Holocaust Denial

This is a hot topic right now. Keep an eye out for anti-semitism and derogatory comments.

If you ban a user for this, please leave the ban info here.


Please include links of deleted posts as well.

Thanks guys.

We’ve reached out to MySpace for comment on their official policy on Holocaust denial.