Dell Mini 10v: $299 and coming this month


The Dell Mini 10 started shipping a month ago and we are already seeing the next incarnation of the netbook. This time around though, the hot Atom Z-series CPU isn’t an option, but this model is also $100 less than the original. Everything else seems to have survived the cut and the 10v still packs the 120GB HDD, 1GB of memory, and 1.3MP webcam option. Plus, it can be configured with a 32GB or 64GB SSD for an extra $75 or $125. Do you see what Dell is doing here? Yeah, the Mini 10v really isn’t a top-of-line netbook.

Basically, this netbook isn’t anything special. It packs everything that most netbooks had from last year in to a Dell packaging. That doesn’t really take away anything from the netbook as for a webrowsing, emailing machine. We’re just pointing out this $299 netbook’s little secret. Anyway, if you’re still interested, expect this boy mid-May.

Dell (PDF link) via Engadget