T-Mobile + Samsung = One big leak


Samsung tends to have a hard time keeping things secret, and T-Mobile’s pipes have been pretty leaky lately as well. Put the two together and the best plumber in the world couldn’t plug the holes.

Such is the case here. For some reason, an unnamed camera carrying employee got some time with T-Mobile’s upcoming Samsung lineup and was able to document the whole thing. Samsung’s playing on the trends here, as it’s jam packed full of QWERTY keyboards and touchscreens.

Up above, we have the Gravity 2 in Red/Pink and Graphite/Orange, snuggling up close with T349.

Down below, we have an unnamed Samsung touchscreen phone. We can see it’s running the TouchWiz UI, with the shot of the back showing a fancy-patterned battery cover right below a 3 megapixel camera.

The anonymous poster “forgot the name” of this next one, but it’s looking like a funky Samsung-made lovechild of the Sidekick and the LG enV. Details are sparse, but it’s “due this summer”.



[Via TmoNews Forum]