StarCraft II beta incoming, better sign up fast

At PAX last year, we were among the first in the world to test out StarCraft II, and we found it very StarCrafty. And now is your chance to try the next blockbuster from Blizzard, which will be entering Beta over the next couple months. Here are the instructions from Blizzard:

Simply go to the “Beta Profile Settings” page in account management to go through the new beta opt-in process and upload a snapshot of your system specs.

Well, that was easy. They’re probably going to be selecting a wide variety of system specs to get lots of feedback and bug information, so don’t let your weak-sauce rig restrain you from trying. More information (but not a lot more) is available over at Blizzard’s site.

Update: Looks like you need to have an actual Blizzard game associated with your account. Hmmm… maybe sign up for a free 10-day trial of WoW? Of course, that could be the worst thing you ever do.