Sprint employee spills more details on the Palm Pre


Sprint employees may be getting fired for piping up about the Pre, but that hasn’t stopped this guy. Blasting away at a keyboard “deep within customer care”, InsideSprintNow has a few previously unearthed details to share about the Pre.

Don’t have time to read all that? Here’s everything in one neat little package:

  • No video recording at launch, though they seem to think such a thing will be added via update.
  • MMS support is confirmed
  • They imply that Office 2007 documents work fine on Pre, though they don’t specify if it’s read-only
  • Custom ringtones are a go, as are ringback tones
  • When in USB mode, all calls will be automatically routed to voicemail.
  • IM Services: Google Talk and AIM at launch.
  • The color for calendar events can be chosen manually on the Pre, or sync’ed with the colors you’ve got set up in Exchange
  • Cookies can be disabled in the browser
  • No pictbridge profile yet, so no wireless photo printing