Really Broken Steel: Fallout 3 DLC launch marred by bugs, bugs and more bugs


Looks like Broken Steel, the latest expansion pack (“DLC” in newspeak) for Fallout 3, is giving both PC and Xbox 360 gamers a whole host of problems. PC gamers have reported receiving a cryptic error message when trying to install the game; Bethesda blames a Games For Windows DRM-related glitch for the problem. (I wonder if the pirated copies are affected by this glitch? Good idea, subjecting your paying customers to a worse experience. You’re almost better off downloading the game from wherever, then sending Bethesda a personal check in the mail.) Another notch in DRM’s belt!

Xbox 360 owners also have been experiencing some problems. You can’t talk to one of the main characters (who more or less starts the expansion content for you), and Achievements haven’t been “taking,” as it were.

Oh, how we long for the old days, when an expansion pack meant nothing more than shin, new armor for your horse.