The White House Gets A MySpace Page To Show Off Obama's Hoop Skills

The White House finally got around to setting up a MySpace page. It is spare and tasteful and doesn’t say MySpace anywhere on the page, unlike the White House page on Facebook which is clearly a Facebook page. The page is dominated by the most recent White House blog post, which currently features a YouTube video of Obama shooting hoops with the UCONN Huskies women’s basketball champs. Every time he shoots, he gets nothing but net, while some of the girls choke. (Maybe they were a little nervous playing against the President of the United States).

Here is the video:

Other than teh blog post with the video, there isn’t much to the page other than a few links to and to Obama’s and Vice President Joe Biden’s MySpace pages, as well as a link to some playful White House photos. The whole page seems designed to humanize Obama and help younger voters relate to him.

There are no ads on the page, but if you click through to photos page, then you do get some ads. The add beside this photo of the president running down a hallway with his daughter’s puppy has an ad that says, “Pimp My Profile.” Not very Presidential. On Facebook, there is an ad slot on the actual page, but I only saw a house ad for Facebook’s gift shop with a penguin. (See screen shots below). The Facebook page basically has the same information, but presented as a stream. Which one do you like better?