RIM rumor: VZW-bound BlackBerry Niagara, Apex to debut next week


Two bits of BlackBerry news/rumor for you to digest. One, it looks like RIM will officially unveil the niagara at its Wireless Enterprise Symposium next week in beautiful Orlando. The niagara, you’ll recall, is supposedly the greatest BlackBerry in the history of the world: a 3G world phone that’ll be available on Verizon Wireless. (Expect it to be available within the month, now that’s it May and all.)

Two, RIM may also debut a VZW flip phone called the Apex. When you think Apex, think Pearl Flip, the reasonably okay phone that’s on T-Mobile.

Again, from what I’ve read, the BlackBerry niagara is pretty much the best BlackBerry ever, and it’ll give VZW users another reason to skip the Storm. Solid network + solid, “real” BlackBerry should = win.