Hot rumor: New motion-sensing PS3 controller to debut at E3 in June


Is a fancy new controller enough to “save” the PS3? We’ll find out at E3 (which is in June; several of us will be there), when Sony is now rumored to debut its motion-sensing controller.

The device, which is related to that patent that’s been floating around the Internet, has been in development for about two years. It’s supposed to be more accurate than the Wii remote, owing to the way the console tracks the controller. Something to to do with LEDs and a small camera. It’s even supposed to be halfway decent at tracking along the Z axis—that is, detect controller movements to and away from the TV.

Now, if Sony can cut the price of the PS3 by, say, $50-$100, then yeah, maybe this new controller could help it sell a few more consoles. Sony probably shouldn’t expect crazy, Wii-like sales, but any good news is good news, right?

Photo: Flickr