For The First Episode Of "This Week In Startups," Jason Calacanis Interviews His Best Friend

Jason Calacanis, the CEO of Mahalo who is famous for his Twitter-follower envy (and is our partner in organizing the TechCrunch 50 conference), now is trying his hand at his own Web video talk show. It is called This Week In Startups and it is being streamed live on Ustream right now.

The format is an hour-long interview Charlie Rose style, compete with the black background. Except Calacanis couldn’t find a round table, so he’s using a rectangular one instead. His first guest is literally his best friend, Brian Alvey. Calacanis and Alvey built Weblogs together before selling it to AOL, and Alvey is now the CEO of Crowdfusion, a content management system. So if you are into CMS platforms, check it out. Alvey has created 21 of them.

Calacanis is always entertaining and Alvey is a smart guy. But, come on, Calacanis. You couldn’t find anyone else to be on your first show than your best friend? Oh well, the important thing is that he Calacanis actually launched the show. We definitely need a talk show that is focused solely on startups and how to build them. I like the format and think this could build a rabid following. The best part is that Calacanis is taking questions for his guest from Twitter.

The show, which is in progress, is embedded below. If you want to ask a question, send out a Tweet with the hashtag #twist: