iPhone Sweeps JD Power Consumer Smartphone Ratings — Except In Battery Life

broom_bigThe latest 2009 JD Power Consumer Smartphone Satisfaction Study numbers are in. And the winner is … the iPhone. Apple’s device nearly swept every category, with top marks in operating system, features, ease of operation, physical design and overall satisfaction. In fact, the only device it didn’t receive the highest marks in was “battery aspects.”

Looking at the chart, all of Apple’s rivals in the smartphone field were middling. HTC, Motorola, Palm, RIM and Samsung had mostly 2 or 3 stars across the board where Apple had 5. LG faired second best with 4 stars across the board expect for operating system, where it got 3.

Palm should feel okay knowing that early reports on its upcoming Pre device have it battling the iPhone in design, operating system and features. Perhaps next year, Apple won’t sweep so easily through the field. Of course, its weak spot, battery, may be improved shortly with the launch of the next version of the iPhone, which may happen this summer.

Speaking of battery, that’s the only category RIM did well in. And according to the consumers surveyed, that was the least important feature (in terms of this survey) of the device. That can’t be good new for the BlackBerry-maker, as consumers largely viewed its devices as “meh.”

Overall, Apple scored 791 on a 1,000-point scale. LG was second with 772 and Samsung third with 759.