Aquawall Wandaquarium is the fish tank of slow death

375_0The generally therapeutic impact of aquariums is well known, but many people don’t the like the hassle or the size of a real fishtank. Aquawall has tried to to get around this by creating the Wandaquarium — a wall-mountable display intended to provide the interior decorator with a maintenance-free aquascape.

As an aquarium hobbyist, this type of product sickens me. The creators of this system attempt to tell consumers that the tank is self-cleaning, and needs a water change only once a year. This is completely untrue. Regardless of if the display has live plants or not (and this appears to be set up to have them) the water will still need to be changed consistently to provide the fish with a healthy environment.

Selling for $1450, this fish-killing device should not be purchased under any circumstances. While it does look very modern, it just another ill-advised case of form over function. I’d go so far as to compare it to the infamous “goldfish shoes” of the disco era.

[via Dvice]