Wall Street 2.0: The Twitter Script

Not much is known about the the upcoming movie of Wall Street 2 other than it will once again team up actor Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko and director Oliver Stone. When 1938 Media’s Loren Feldman heard the news this morning, he decided to come up with his own script—on Twitter. Over the course of more than twenty Tweets, starting with this one, he roughed out the basic plot lines of the movie. Well, it could be the plot of the movie if Oliver Stone decides to make it about the Web 2.0 crowd. Something tells me that Owen Van Natta, Jason Calacanis, and Henry Blodget aren’t going to make the final cut. Well, Blodget might.

Below is a (slightly edited) version of Feldman’s Twitter script for Wall Street 2. I think Feldman should make a puppet version of the movie. What do you think? (Script note: “Bud,” you’ll remember was the character played by Charlie Sheen in the original movie):

# Wall Street 2 coming. A 186 year old Michael Douglas to play Bernie Madoff. Hope O.Stone is on blow when they make this one.

# WS2- Gordan Gekko buys Facebook and twitter guts them both and sells the servers. There is no IP anywhere to be found worth selling

# WS2 – Bud sees the light and decides to work for a non profit org. He has his choice of almost all web companies to choose from.

# WS2 – Gordan Gekko and Arrington have a fistfight cause @techcrunch deadpooled Gekko’s startup “Greedddrrrrr” upon launch.

# WS2 – Henry Blodget gets banned for life again for calling Gekko’s Greeedrrrr “The greatest site ever. Easily $900 a share.”

# WS2 – The line “Lets get users, profits will come later” is cut from script having been deemed too stupid even by Hollywood standards

# WS2 – Gekko tries to buy Mahalo. @jasoncalacanis sells it and always regrets it. He now produces Kanye West.

# WS2 – Gekko tries to buy everything. Except seesmic. Loic invites him to speak at Le Web anyway. Gekko declines.

# WS2 – Gekko buys MySpace. OWen Van Atta is at his 129th job by then. Chris Crocker appointed CEO.

# WS2 -Gekko attends SXSW Interactive. Scoble vomits on him and Julia Allison wants money for sex. Not happy he buys the city of Austin anyway

# WS2 – Bud tries to enlist @davewiner to fight Gekko, but Dave is too busy duplicating features in the MacOS not knowing they even existed.

# WS2 Fred Wilson tries to meet Gekko. Gekko rebuffs him citing his atrocious taste in music. Gekko snickers to himself “Artctic Monkeys suck”

# WS2 – Gekko gets the YHOO MSFT deal done. Owen Van Atta appointed CEO. Arrington’s head explodes upon hearing news.

# WS2 – Ashton tries to sell Katalyst to Gekko. Instead he buys Demi like in that movie with Redford and Woody. Gordan loved that movie. Punkd

# WS2 – @ggekko becomes the most followed person on twitter with 83million. Gordan say to friends privately “What the fuck is this nonsense?

# WS2 – Gekko changes combined MSFT YHOO name to “Gekkle Wolfram” to capture the dopiest name award from the webby’s. Van Atta smirks.

# Gekko fears only one. @karaswisher . He’s more afraid of her, than twitter is of a business model. She scares Bud too. Heck she scares Rupe.