Slacker for BlackBerry hits 1 million downloads

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Not too shabby, Slacker. Less than 4 months after Slacker for BlackBerry was launched at CES 2009, Slacker, Inc. has announced that it has surpassed 1 million downloads.

Now, 1 million might not seem like all that much in the shadow of the iTunes App Store and its 1 billion served – but remember, this is the BlackBerry we’re talking about. A huge chunk of BlackBerry owners never download applications, with another significant chunk only ever downloading between 1-5. Taking that into considering, 1 million downloads in 4 months is a pretty big deal.

That said, we’d still be interested in hearing the number of downloads the iPhone port has seen so far. It’s been available for about a week less than its BlackBerry brethren, but spent a ton of time in the App Store’s Top 25 Free Apps list. We’d be willing to bet it passed the million mark quite some time ago.

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