Conductor Raises $10 Million For SEO Management And Optimization Technology

Conductor, a New York-based provider of SEO measurement and optimization solutions, has raised a Series B round of funding to the tune of $10 million, led by Matrix Partners and joined by FirstMark Capital, who led the startup’s Series A financing.

Conductor markets technology which aims to empower online marketers and interactive agencies to gather reliable data on their SEO efforts, make better decisions on capturing natural search market share and accurately measure ROI for their employers or clients.

Conductor, which was co-founded by Seth Besmertnik and Jeremy Duboys back in 2005, is playing an interesting field where there’s undoubtedly still quite some room for growth, but it’s up against some stiff competition from other companies (we recently covered funding rounds for Marin Software and Kenshoo, although these focus more on the SEM i.e. paid search part of the business).

The extra funding should give Conductor some more runway to make its services stand out of the crop, and with an experienced management team, which includes former executives from ContextWeb, Apple, Yahoo! and DoubleClick, we consider the company to be a serious contestant in the space.