Afterglow, a laser drawing system for presentations, now available


Afterglow is a presentation system that allows you to draw and point on a projector screen using a laser pointer and a PC. First announced way back in 2007, the system is now available online for $1980.

The product can be used a a pointer on the screen to control the mouse or as a virtual “pen” to draw lines and arrows on presentations. Larger implementations would allow for digital graffiti to appear on the sides of buildings.

The kit includes:

* Afterglow Software CD with license for one PC
* Green Laser Pointer 532nm <1MW Class 2 (2 AAA Batteries Included)
* USB CCD Camera with Removable Lens
* Tripod
* 6ft USB Cable

It only works under Windows. The camera watches the pointer on the screen and controls the mouse just like a 3D pointing system. The product was originally created in Japan and just made it State-side this week.