In Anticipation Of Snow Leopard And A New iPhone, WWDC Sells Out In Record Time

picture-65Apple announced today that its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has already sold out. That’s pretty incredible considering two things. First, tickets went on sale only a month ago, and are anything but cheap — even the early-bird special was well over $1,000. (And remember, this is a recession, and plenty of other conferences are struggling to move tickets.) And second, last year’s event was the first one ever to sell out — and that only happened a couple weeks before the actual show.

Clearly, anticipation is high for this year’s event for a number of reasons. The first is that developers and presumably the audience at the keynote (which we’ll be at, so that means all of you will get to follow along as well) will get a major glimpse at OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard.” The new OS is currently being tested by developers, but most of the expected user interface changes have yet to be unveiled. WWDC may be the first time anyone gets a real look at those.

But even bigger than Snow Leopard, is the possibility that Apple may use the event to unveil a new version of the iPhone. There have been no shortage of rumors about this, but some kind of new hardware now appears pretty likely. Will it offer faster data speeds? Will it have video recording capabilities? Will it have better battery life? An OLED screen? People want to know. Last year at WWDC, Apple unveiled the iPhone 3G, and dropped the bomb that it would only cost $199 after subsidy.

One other thing that is undoubtedly causing a lot of interest in this year’s WWDC, is the question of whether CEO Steve Jobs will make an appearance. Publically, Apple is saying that Jobs remains on track to make a return at the end of June, but could he really pass up an opportunity to unveil the above two products? I’ve contacted Apple to see who is slated to be the keynote speaker this year, and will update if I hear back.