Gameloft's sales up 22% in Q1 2009

gameloftlogoGameloft, the folks behind Oregon Trail for the iPhone and countless other mobile and console games, have just released their earnings report for the first calendar quarter of 2009. Though sales saw a dip from quarter-to-quarter, they’re up significantly from the same quarter last year.

In the first three months of this year, Gameloft pulled in a total of €30.8 million ($40.2 million USD), as opposed to €33.8 million ($44.2 million USD) in the fourth quarter of last year. This works out to a quarter-to-quarter variation of roughly -9%. Compared to Q1 of 2008’s €25.3 million ($33 million USD), however, sales are up nearly 22%.

Though Gameloft dabbles in the console gaming space, their primary focus is on mobile. It’s also their main revenue generator, accounting for 94% of their sales thus far in 2009.

By location, North America and Europe are Gameloft’s big markets, accounting for 37% and 35% of sales respectively. And the other 28%? Gameloft just lumps that into “the rest of the world”.

I’d imagine that Gameloft’s Q2 earnings (which should be disclosed on July 28th, 2009) will only show more improvement. The iPhone port of Oregon Trail (which is one of the few mobile games I’ve ever seen people genuinely excited about) was released close enough to the tail end of Q1 that a bulk of the sales will continue into Q2. Additionally, they’ve got a Terminator: Salvation game launching on mobile handsets (including the iPhone) in May, just in time to ride the hype of the film’s release.