FourSquare Prepping To Take Its Game Overseas

11It’s been about six weeks since SXSW, where the Dodgeball-reborn location-based social network FourSquare was formally launched. A lot of people thought it was one of those things that was cool at a conference, but would die quickly after. But all these weeks later, I’m actually using it more than ever, according to my statistics. And soon, more of you may be able to play along as well.

Version 1.2 of the iPhone app is currently in the works and it will bring an expanded roster of cities to the playing field, including some international ones, co-founder Dennis Crowley tells me. While he wouldn’t give a release date, judging from FourSquare’s own Twitter account, it’s coming along nicely. Some other things to expect shortly include the ability to add a place not currently in the system right from the app (so, finally, you won’t get zero points if you check in an unknown place). And soon, the so-called “super users” will be able to create their own badges that their friends can play for.

Earlier today, FourSquare also defaulted its leaderboard to be amongst your friends rather than everyone in your home city. A smart move I think, one that will keep competition fresh. The service has also posted a more formal breakdown of how the point scoring system works.

For those who don’t understand why FourSquare is catching on in select urban areas as a virtual game of sorts, I recommend reading Alice Marwick’s piece on locative media and prescriptive social software. It’s a great look at what drives me to be the mayor of so many local establishments.

Update: According to the FourSquare Twitter account, the US cities to be added in the next update include: “ATL + DAL + DET + HOU + PHX + MIA + SD + VEG + a few players to be named later.”