14 brand new Palm Pre webOS emulator screenshots leak out


As more and more people are getting their hands on the Pre, it looks like a few more developers have been given access to the SDK emulator. Well, either that or someone who has had access for a while got a little antsy and finally caved to leaking a ton of emulator screenshots.

If these are legit, it looks like the webOS emulator runs on Sun’s VirtualBox virtualization application. Anybody feel like sending the webOS virtual image our way?

While the screenshots don’t show anything we’d imagine Palm was trying to keep top secret, they do venture into a few spots that weren’t on display during past demonstrations. We’re liking everything we’re seeing so far. Not only does it look pretty dang good, but it all seems pretty finger-friendly as well.

There’s surely a gem or two lurking around in these shots, so let us know if you spot anything. Our favorite bit: it appears that there’s a dropdown from the battery icon area that shows the date, battery percentage, and allows you to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Airplane mode on the fly.

Check out the full gallery at PreThinking.