A GeoCities Tribute by TechCrunch readers

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Last week we heard that silver-age internet legend GeoCities would be closing down forever. Although that’s no great loss in itself, it’s a bit like finding out the really crappy pizza place you used to go to when you were a kid is being demolished. If you could just have one more greasy, poorly seasoned slice to remember what it was like…

Well, in GeoCities’ case, you can. TechCrunch readers submitted what they felt were the most (or their most) shamefully designed GeoCities pages on the whole site. I’ve collected the links here so you don’t have to troll through the comments.

Some of these have autoplaying music and whatnot, so be careful. They’re all SFW as far as I could tell, but not necessarily safe for eyeballs.

Two that don’t really count are this great tribute by a Redditor, and Strongbad’s The Cheat website. And of course, my personal favorite for years now. Feel free to leave your own in the comments.

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