Live From Facebook Technology Tasting

I’m here at Facebook’s office in downtown Palo Alto, where the company is holding a special Technology Tasting to announce and demonstrate its latest APIs and other features it is going to begin offering developers. In the last two days we’ve heard about some of the announcements, including its decision to grant developers access to full streams – a big step for a service that has previously been quite reserved about exporting its data. And earlier today we learned about its decision to fullly embrace of OpenID, which is a huge leap forward for the initiative.

I’ll be streaming the event live using Qik, during which we will be shown demos of some of the first implementations of the full Facebook streams and its integration with OpenID.

Update: Facebook is using Plaxo as an example of enabling two-way flow between Facebook Connect, so you can share activity between 3rd party sites and Facebook via linking accounts.

Showing Facebook desktop powered by Adobe Air. Loic Le Meur, creator of Twhirl and Seesmic Desktop, is presenting how Seesmic Desktop is integrating Twitter and Facebook together into its desktop client. He says you should be able to post video to Facebook from the Seesmic Desktop.

Microsoft has also shown off a pair of very cool applications featuring its .NET and Silverlight platforms. Even more impressive: the apps were put together in 72 hours.

Luke Shepard is now talking OpenID and Facebook Connect are working together. See our earlier post.

The full videos (broken into three segments because the connection died a few times) are below.