Follow Swine Flu's spread using Google Maps


This has been a very exciting year for things-that-could-kill-us. First it was the economy that could kill us all; then it was those Somali pirates who posed a threat to our very way of life; and now we all should fear swine flu. Why should we fear la grippe porcine? Well, it seems to be spreading around the world pretty swiftly, and it’s doing a pretty thorough job of wreaking havoc in Mexico. So, here’s a map!

This Google Map shows confirmed and suspected cases of the virus, H1N1 Swine Flu, as well as deaths caused by the virus.

As always, Twitter is fairly interesting, watching people freak out in real time.

And, if you’d like hype-free news about Swine Flu, may I suggest Science’s blog? Science’s coverage is less alarmist than the likes of AP, Reuters, etc.

via Gizmodo