Most G1 Owners Love Apps — But Not All

Some numbers we published yesterday showed that while iPhone owners (not surprisingly) love to download apps, owners of other smartphones do not. As we noted, the numbers seemed a bit incomplete since the Android platform wasn’t represented. We asked Compete, which took the survey, to send those our way.

To be clear, the sample size is “very small,” but it’s somewhat interesting none the less. Sure enough, Android users do seem to enjoy downloading apps more than all other smartphones aside from the iPhone. But interestingly, there were some G1 owners who had downloaded zero apps. Even though a lot more iPhone owners showed up in the survey, there were none that said they had downloaded zero apps — whereas that was a popular number with the other smartphones.

Also worth noting is that 43% of G1 owners surveyed said that all of their apps were free. That’s perhaps not so surprising since the Android Market only launched paid apps two months ago. Still, it would seem that paying for apps isn’t as popular in the Android market as it is in the App Store. That is something that a few developers have complained about to me as well.