Husqvarna robotic mower will text you problems, twitter rants about you


Maintaining a good lawn is a full time job. Husqvarna has a robotic partner that might be able to give homeowners some more free time. First off, the Automower 260 ACX will automatically cut grass, but will also text the owner if there are issues. (the Twitter part was just a joke btw) This way, you don’t have to babysit the robot and go about watching the Detroit Tigers crush the Anaheim Angels.

The Automower 260 ACX does a bit more than just cut the grass too. Apparently it also acts as a guard dog against moles, slugs, and other yard destroying pests. The unit is battery powered, but Husqy also launched a similar Automower which is partially solar powered that might not have the text messaging capability. It takes these bots about 45 minutes to mow a moderately complex 1/2 acre. Not too bad, but I like mowing the yard. How about an automatic weed wacking robot. I hate doing that.