Taser sues Second Life over fake in-game Tasers

cdAh, Taser. The Monster Cable of personal defense. Although the word “taser” has become so common as to be an improper noun like frisbee, kleenex, or google, the company still vociferously defends its trademark. I guess you can’t really blame them there, but suing Linden Labs because some Second Life player made a BDSM suit with a “built-in crotch taser”? How petty.

Yes, it appears that the word “taser” was appearing in conjunction with a shocking device in some form or another (apparently here). Whether crotch-mounted or traditional, it seems that Taser has found the product convincing enough that they need to let people know it’s not an actual Taser product. Go for it, Taser. That’ll be a real PR win.

[via Techdirt]