SF Mayor Gavin Newsom Tweets His Way Into The Race For California Governor

Remember when the hippest way to blaze onto the campaign trail was an appearance on The Daily Show? No more.

This morning San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom announced his bid for California Governor via Twitter, instantly sending his new campaign video (embedded below) to his 270,000 followers. No doubt inspired by President Obama’s successful campaign over the last two years, Newsom is looking to social media to help connect with voters. Alongside this morning’s Tweet, Newsom also sent out a message to his 37,000 Facebook fans.

I suspect Newsom will be able to strike the same chords with an online campaign as President Obama did – he’s relatively young and a Democrat, with an online presence that’s already quite well established. Now the question is whether his opponents will be able to effectively use the same tools without ringing hollow. Among Newsom’s opponents in the race for the 2010 election is former eBay CEO Meg Whitman, who only has 2,100 supporters on Facebook and a measly 850 Twitter followers.

Via Laughing Squid