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Ian Hogarth, co-founder and CEO of music startup reckons the best way for a startup to focus on what they do best is to find third party tech tools to do the non-core heavy lifting. To this end, he’s started a wiki collection of startup tools, contributed by Songkick, Playfire, TinyCoupon, Habit Industries, Poll Everywhere, GroupSpaces and Huddle.

“One of the most important lessons we learned is the importance of focus – that’s what you should do but how you do it is the hard part. That’s where tools come in.”

Ian’s advice: Talk to other startups and advisors to try to find the right tools for your business. Investors can help by getting you face-time with the ops directors of the startups you want to emulate. Twitter helps too as does Facebook.

He also announced the creatiion of the amazing Startup Tools Wiki

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