DLC alert: Fallout 3: Broken Steel for PC, Xbox 360 on May 5


Yet another Fallout 3 DLC is coming our way. Available on May 5 for the PC and Xbox 360, Broken Steel takes place on Andrews Air Force Base, just outside the DC Wasteland proper. The level cap is being raised to 30, and there’ll be more guns, perks, enemies, etc. About what you’d expect, in other words.

Broken Steel also apparently removes the game’s ending, or doesn’t have an ending, something about an ending. I say apparently because I’ve yet to finish the original Fallout 3; I haven’t downloaded any DLC yet. (I spent 90 minutes last night getting the stupid T-51b Power Armor, only to discover that I needed special training in order to equip it. What a load of garbage. I’m not made of time, Bethesda, and 90 minutes playing the game for me might as well be 90 hours.) The DLC clocks in at around five hours of gameplay, plus bonus quests.

Observation: Playing Fallout 3 is like going to a job you hate—you do it because you have it.