Orgel Spa: Hear music in your bathtub, feel extreme relaxation


Sega Toys in Japan is selling a waterproof “music ball” that helps you relax while you take a bath. Dubbed Orgel Spa [JP], the small device (8cm in diameter and 6cm high) is part of the company’s toy series that’s geared towards grown-ups and further includes the Homestar Planetarium, for example.

Sega Toys offers four different colors and each models plays a different song. After pulling a cord on the device (which doesn’t need batteries), users can listen to songs such as “When You Wish Upon a Star” or “Let It Be” for about 3 minutes, while the thing floats on the water.


Sega Toys also suggests using the Orgel Spa for relaxation exercises, as you can see in the image above.

It’s already available in Japan where it costs $20. Ask the Japan Trend Shop, Gizmine, Geek Stuff 4 U or Rinkya if you don’t want to wait for Sega Toys to export the Orgel Spa (which might never happen).