Fox News And MySpace Launch uReport (Not To Be Confused With CNN’s iReport)

FOX News and MySpace are partnering to launch Fox’s citizen journalism social media platform on MySpace, called uReport. MySpace members can share citizen produced content with the MySpace community, as well as have the chance to be featured on FOX News. FOX News and MySpace are both owned by News Corp.

FOX News uReport, which is nearly identical to CNN’s citizen journalism initiative iReport, is a platform through which users can upload photos and videos to FOX News from a computer or mobile device. Members of the MySpace-uReport community can become “uReporters” by uploading video and photos tagged by specific news categories, including entertainment and politics. FOX says that this content could be featured in programming on FOX News Channel and, with FOX News maintaining editorial control of the MySpace page.

CNN’s iReport has a Facebook page where iReporters can upload footage, photos and content to the platform but it’s unclear if this footage is used on or on the CNN news channel. CNN’s iReport famously caused Apple’s stock to drop after someone posted a false rumor about Steve Jobs having a heart attack. Fox may have missed its chance, since the most activity on CNN’s iReport was leading up to the presidential election and inauguration. CNN partnered with Facebook to cover the inauguration events in January.

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