Four teams selected from Mini Seedcamp day in London

Seedcamp has run its ‘mini’ event in London and come up with four winners out of the day – all of whom will go towards selection for the week-long event towards the end of the year.

CityOdds bills itself as a as an online financial marketmaker designed to generate profit from fixed-odds financial betting in the UK and Internationally. The idea is to offer competitively priced bets, generating revenue from the mark-up on bet pricing, the “rake” on paid competition entries, data sales and licencing plus a franchisable business model.

Gymfu we’re covered before.

Patients Know Best is a bit like having Google docs for national health systems. Theirsystem works with the NHS and allows patients and doctors to collaborate online and inside the NHS infrastucture. For instance, patients can send and receive messages securely with their clinicians, send data e.g. daily blood sugar results and access their medical notes

Sentry Wireless develops hard core mobile security software. It’s developed the world’s first “firewall” for SIM cards which ais in child safety, corporate expenditure control, voice and SMS spam control (lease God!) amongst others. The product, Kidsafe, has been commercially deployed by M1 (Singapore) and Hutchinson 3G (Ireland). They also avoid all need for integration with operator‚ networks because the solutions sit either on the SIM card, or on the handset. They sell this to the mobile operators whose subscribers are the end users. SpamGuard the world’s “first” anti-spam SIM is scheduled for launch in Q3 2009. It uses the same platform as Kidsafe which is currently blocking spam to kids phones in Singapore. By incorporating a crowdsourcing‚ approach it is estimated to be 30% more effective that other SIMs.

Timetric is not unlike a ‘YouTube for graphs’. Inkling Software, founded by scientists with big-data backgrounds, develops Timetric, a platform and service for storing, searching, graphing and analyzing the world’s statistical data. Timetric both aggregates time-series data from high-value public data sources, giving each series its own permanent, bookmarkable URL, and allows end-users to import their own data; it makes it easy to graph, display, publish, analyze and compare key statistical indicators in context. is the consumer play and is a free, public service built on the Timetric platform.